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GuruJal has conducted a capacity building training program with the help of Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) and Forest Department in Damdama and Kherla village of Sohna Block.

The main agenda of the program was to make the community aware of the Biodiversity Management project and provide skilled training for nursery development and management. 

Day 1:

Venue: Damdama Village
Aim of the training was the activation of the Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) of Damdama and Kherla villages and engagement of the local community in the development of Nursery and Biodiversity Park. Also, identification of the gardeners and supervisor for the plant propagation process. 

Day 2:

Venue: Raipur Nursery, Sohna
The training program was conducted at Raipur Nursery, Sohna and the agenda of the training is to understand the steps and procedure of plant propagation and Nursery Management. Mr Rasheed Khan from the Forest Department has facilitated the training. The training included sharing knowledge of nursery tools, nursery bed planning, soil mixing proportion; sampling bags filling method, sowing technique, splice grafting, manure selection etc.

Steps for Plant Propagation:

  1. Prepare the beds with 45cm gap between them
  2. Clean and remove the weeds from the beds
  3. Spread a thin layer of soil on the bed to level the area
  4. Prepare 3:1 ratio mixture of soil and manure for the filling of Polybags. 
  5. Filling of mixture ti the 15*22cm bags which contain approx 1.5-2 kg.
  6. Arrange the filled bags in the compact and symmetrical way so that 11-12 bags can be fitted in a row.
  7. Collect or buy the seeds 
  8. Cut the collected dried seed in an equal proportion with the help of a seed cutter.
  9. Sow the seed in the bags. The seed should be put in the centre of the bag so that the plant will grow straight. 
  10.  Grafting can be done by cutting roots or stems of the existing plants
  11. Hand watering done by watering can
  12. Keep the plant in an area where plant get water and sunlight in a good amount i.e, approx 8hrs in a day
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