Yes, Rainwater harvesting system is mandatory in all the Buildings according to Haryana Building Code, 2017.

Yes, all old and new constructions should have RWH system, if old constructions doesn’t have RWH then they have to install it as soon as possible

All the buildings with minimum roof top area of 100 sq m area, shall mandatorily include the provision of Rainwater Harvesting within the plot as per Haryana Building Code, 2017

Recharging of groundwater is mandatory for all types of buildings including Group Housing Societies having plot area of 500 sq m and above as per Haryana Building Code, 2017

All buildings having a minimum discharge of 50 000 liters and above per day shall incorporate wastewater recycling system s per Haryana Building Code, 2017

No, There is no rebate available for rainwater harvesting system installation in   Haryana state.

Yes, citizens of Gurugram can participate in Catch the Rain Campaign by volunteering with GuruJal. For more details visit /get-involved/

Last date for Installing Rainwater harvesting systems is 15th June, 2021 as per public notice regarding cleaning and construction of new rainwater harvesting structure

During checking of RWH structure , if structures are found to be non functional strong fines will be imposed and violations can lead to cancellation of occupational certificates

They have to identify and approach vendors  for restoring the damaged structures and make them functional

No Government will not install any Rainwater harvesting system in any of the RWA societies

Government is not responsible for maintenance of Rain water harvesting structures. It is the responsibility of plot owners to maintain and clean the RWH system periodically.

No there is no extension of deadline for Installation but the date can be relaxed 5-10 days after 15 th June 2021.

Enforcement drive by district administration in Gurugram will start from 16th June 2021

Approximate cost for installing Rain water harvesting structures varies from Rs.20,000/- – to Rs.4,00,000/-

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