GuruJal organised the plantation drive in the Month of June-July at the Pond sites of DaultabadBudhera, Bilaspur, Hariyahera and Palasoli with an objective  to increase the biodiversity near the pond sites, and create a recreational space, we did the plantation drive at on-going pond sites where restoration and rejuvenation work is undergoing by GuruJal Society. In plantation drive, we ensured community participation, so that they take the ownership for taking care of the plants which they have planted and the rejuvenated pond sites.

In this plantation drive, we involved 1100+ stakeholders including the local community, Youth Clubs, Swachh Bharat Mission team, Self-Help Groups, National Rural Livelihood Mission team, Aanganwadi Worker, Sarpanch, Nambardar, School Students and Teachers. Our CSR Partners Hyundai Motor India Foundation and Honda team participated in all activities during the plantation drive with great enthusiasm. They helped in planting the trees around the Pond Sites and pledged to be loyal to nature. Gurujal informed participants about the importance of ponds and plantation, and the current situation of water in the district. For making the event more engaging, it organised team games like tug of wars, Blind fold Caterpillar Race etc . Total of 581+ saplings were planted in plantation drives at the sites. A Beautiful Herbal Garden  with herbs like Aloevera, Tulsi(Basil) has been set up at Palasoli Pond. Herbal Garden creates awareness of conservation and traditional uses of herbs and medicinal plants to visitors, and to also be a place where students, farmers, and others can learn how to identify and conserve these important plants.  Saplings of different-different kinds were planted at the sites Hibiscus, Sahajna, Emli, Chandani, Paapdi, Badh, Bakaan and many more. The trees have spiritual and religious importance which will keep the community connected with the Johad.

Plantation at Iqbalpur

Plantation at Mojabad

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