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Seed collections are the first step in an extensive process that brings new plant materials to address individual resource concerns.

A seed collection drive was conducted by GuruJal team in collaboration with Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) and Center for Ecology Development and Research (CEDAR) in the Aravalli hills of Damdama and Kherla Village.

As, winters are not a best time to collect seeds but the aim of the drive is to collect some of the native plant seeds that are available in this winter season (like Pasendu, Dhau, roonjh, indradau, Jatropha, Kumuth, Surwal seeds) and also to engage the local community and spread awareness about the major Environmental threats that they are facing and what all benefits they’ll get after the development of Biodiversity Park.

The Drive was attended by the Biodiversity Management Committee (BMC) members that play a vital role in documenting biodiversity at the village level and also by Youth of the village who play a major role in environmental and conservation efforts that will improve livelihoods.
People have shown enthusiasm and enjoyed the seed collection drive. It was a knowledgeable and fun-loving session. The local people have shared their valuable information about the plants with us and we have shared the importance of Aravalli species for their village.

Snapshots of the collected seeds :

Participations :

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