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GuruJal organized Pani Panchayat in the Anganwadi of Chandla Dungarwas village among different stakeholders on the importance of Johad, history and the current situation with the understanding of current groundwater levels in Gurugram District. The session started with a video of the Gurugram situation of water and an awareness video to make them aware. Later we recorded the stories of the pond, village, their ideas about the transformation of the pond from local women, men, youths and Anganwadi workers regarding the history of Chandla Dungarwas Pond, how it was transformed into the current situation. Our team member was actively having a conversation with elderly men about the use of ponds in historical time for drinking, to use for household chores in earthen pots. Painting workshop on the topic of saving water awareness with the children at AWC where children from all grades beautifully visualised their idea of water, its use, concept of reuse and saving in their daily life. Powergrid company representatives were also present in the entire session to make the community aware about the importance of water and how they are helping to make the pond sustainable. Members of  Youth Sangathan were active throughout and supported the crowd of villagers, helped with the electricity, helped GuruJal team in every way and maintained the pond later. During an interview, Youth said that It is their responsibility to take care of the pond after rejuvenation.
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