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Visit was conducted in the Chairmanship of the Vice Chairperson of Haryana Pond and Wastewater Management Authority at Daulah and Chandla Dungarwas villages in Gurugram on 11th February 2022, where GuruJal is executing Restoration and Rejuvenation of Ponds.  They were satisfied with the ponds and asked to provide the details (Detailed breakup costing, drawings, DPR writeup).

They further suggested looking into collaboration for implementing projects together with HPPWMA (in PRI Where land is available), and wish CSR being arranged by GuruJal and technology with HPPWMA.

Post pond visit, Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Executive Vice Chairman of Haryana Pond and Wastewater Management Authority. They suggested the data to be updated in MIS Portal where PDMS (Pond Data Management System) can be shown with a different tab for GuruJal. PDMS needs to incorporate the before and after water testing of the ponds that have been restored thus far. They will further help us choose the appropriate sites according to priorities.

Members from Haryana Pond and Wastewater Management Authority

  •       HP Sharma – Technical Advisor
  •       RK Sharma – XEN (Pond Authority)
  •       SE PRI
  •       EXN PRI
  •       EXN IWRD (DPMO)
  •       EXN MCG
  •       Scientist, HARSAC
  •       SDO MI CADA
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