Rain Water Harvesting System Model III Details

Area more than 2000 Sq. M. Example: Govt. buildings, Schools, Corporates etc

Rs. 310000 including earth work, Labor, Material etc.

43.3 M

120 sq. m(10*12, L*B)

10 Days

Rs. 2000(maximum, Once a year)

Cleaning of Pipe, Cleaning & replacing of Filter Gradient.

Direct Ground Water Recharge, along with a storage tank for storing of rain Water

A permission for the construction of Rain Water Harvesting Unit

This Model is used as Roof top rain water harvesting system by allowing the Water of Roof to discharge into the Recharge Pit through collection tank.

Coarse aggregate (80mm, 40mm, 20mm), Sand, Marble chips, Concrete Liners, Bricks, PVC pipes etc

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