Area: 1.2 acres

Depth: 4 metres

Year of completion: 2022

Villages: Bilaspur, Pataudi 

Impact beneficiaries:  10000+

CSR funding Agency: Honda India Foundation

Groundwater level before rejuvenation:  42.05

Wastewater Treatment Technology:  MBBR (Moving Bed Bio – Reactor ) Technology

Impact – 

No of plants planted and species – 90  native flora species like the seesam, kadam  and neem trees.

A pond in Bilaspur near Mandir was selected  to revamp the percolation of water,  restore and rejuvenate. Over a period of 6 months polluted water is removed from the pond and then this process took off with dewatering and desilting where 8 feet of silt is removed from the pond. Waste water from drains from the bilaspur village is diverted into the pond by treating the waste water using Moving Bed Bio -Reactor technology of capacity 100 KLD. As the free space near the pond is very less there is a need for a system which requires less space and is more efficient when compared to other technologies, such as mechanised systems which are feasible. At present work for installing and commissioning of solar power plant is about to be started

Apart from this the pond has become a recreational area for the community with the added element of Landscaping and kids play area. Waste elements have been used for the landscaping like waste stone and bricks for the filling inside the entrance gate frame, and seatings, waste glass bottles used for the plantation across the pond boundary, waste flushing tanks  have been used for plantations.

The pond will recharge 3,34,14,000 litres  of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 1700+  people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.

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