The idea of the initiative is leak proofing campuses, public spaces and institutions. The team shall identify all possible sources of water leakages and fixing them to eliminate water wastage. They will also provide an innovative cost effective design solution to reduce water wastage. The team shall also help the respective institutions in water budgeting so that the respective places can do the interventions to conserve water and be water conscious.

Jal Sansad is being made in every school where the workshop is being conducted in order to ensure every child of the school is participating and doing their bit. On the same lines, fixing leaking taps and using water positive retrofittings has also been highlighted as a major step towards saving significant amount of water. Government offices are also being checked for water leakages and for installation of rainwater harvesting systems, which has been made mandatory in all government buildings. GuruJal is trying to bring about a change is by installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems in all government buildings of Gurugram district including schools in remote areas and conserving rainwater harvesting systems to recharge wells. To do the same, we have collaborated with Dr. Kiran Bedi’s Navjyoti India Foundation, which is conducting workshops for school children to sensitize them towards the need to save water.

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