As, Haryana has a lowest forest cover among all the states of India which directly affecting the population of native flora and fauna. There is no doubt that a vast number of plants have gone extinct in recent centuries due to human activity which severely affecting the biodiversity across the district. So, there is a need to conserve and protect the endangered and threatened plant species of Aravalli ranges.

Nursery is a place where planting material, such as seedlings, saplings, cuttings, etc., are raised, propagated and multiplied under favorable conditions for transplanting in prepared beds. Setting up of a nursery is a long-term venture, and requires planning and expertise.



For the development of nursery at Damdama village we are collaborating with Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF). NIF is working relentlessly from the past 32 years in child training, skills and livelihood generation, environment leading to holistic and integrated community development. The major role of Navjyoti India Foundation (NIF) is to help GuruJal for on-ground execution of work, fund raising under CSR, community mobilisation and operation & maintenance of the Nursery and Biodiversity Park.

Nursery will be developed in different phases depending upon the availability of the funds. The total area of the nursery is around 3 acres with the coordinate 28°18’37.21″N, 77° 7’32.05″E and all the development activity will be done in 2 phases where in phase 1 activity that are being developed are office, toilet, water tank, 25 plantation beds along with 20,000 plants and septic tank and in phase 2 proceeding activities are development of storage room, compost pit, pond, Digging of boring and development of 125 plantation beds along with 1.5lakh plants.

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