We have pledged to make Gurugram a Water Conscious District and consciousness starts with awareness. Through Connect the drops intervention, our aim is to mobilize the community, spread awareness by doing focussed workshops, giving people the right content, information, tools and supporting them to adopt more water sensitive approaches in their respective domains. 

We envision “Connect the Drops” as a water conservation and awareness campaign, which aims to bring together diverse contributors of the community and Connect them with a single motivation i.e., to protect and preserve Water. The campaign focuses on the following aspects:

Designing well-researched modules having information about Rights, Duties, Process, and Compliances related to minimizing water wastage, promoting water conservation and suggesting innovative ways of conservation in the respective domains as an individual and as an organization.

Delivering experiential workshops for the following stakeholders; Schools, Corporates, Government Offices, Panchayats, Villagers, RWAs and Builders. Sensitizing them about the water crisis and making them conscious about water conservation.

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