Area: 1.5 acres      

Year of completion: 2022

Village: Tajnagar, Farrukhnagar Block

Impact beneficiaries:  3000+

CSR funding Agency:  Hyundai Motor India Foundation

Wastewater Treatment Technology:  Root Zone System

Impact – 

This project was started in 2019 by government funding and due to unexpected disturbances this project was on halt, then Hyundai motor company came up for funding the project forward and made a firm determination to complete the project, so by this way this project is on its wheels from again january 2022. A pond in Tajnagar near Railway station was selected  to revamp the percolation of water,  restore and rejuvenate. Over a period of 6 months polluted water is removed from the pond and then this process took off with dewatering and desilting where 15 feet of silt is removed from the pond. Wastewater from drains from the Taj Nagar village is diverted into the pond by treating the wastewater using Root Zone  technology of capacity 400 KLD. So that before the water reached the pond again, the wastewater would be treated through the decentralised treatment system. In parallel to this community mobilisation activities are also on an active pace in Tajnagar

Apart from this the pond has become a recreational area for the community with the added element of Landscaping and kids play area. Waste elements have been used for the landscaping like waste stone and bricks for the filling inside the entrance gate frame, and seatings, waste glass bottles used for the plantation across the pond boundary, waste flushing tanks  have been used for plantations.

The pond will recharge 1,61,750 kilo litres of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 12,045 +  people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.

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