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RWA – The Grand Arch workshop was an interactive session organized as part of Connect the Drops in collaboration with the Resident Welfare Association to sensitize the residents of The Grand Arch about Gurugram’s water crisis, daily water demand and supply, virtual water consumption, circular economy, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment plants, and plantation.

Location: The Grand Arch
Time: 11 am to 1 pm
Participants: 65-70


Creating awareness about :

1. Depleting groundwater table.
2. Water crisis in Gurugram.
3. How Gurugram receives water from Yamuna river.
4. Sources of water in The Grand Arch (60 % from Water Tankers & 40 % from Huda Water Supply).
5. Water storage back-up in case of no water supply from regular sources (1.5 days based on per-day demand; capacity cannot be expanded).
6. Rain-water harvesting facility (17 pits are non-functional).
7. Role of The Grand Arch water conservation team (Latest decision – no installation of borewells).
8. Daily consumption of water per flat (1000 litres/flat/day on an average).
9. Leakages & infrastructure related issues.
10. Ornamental plants & the amount of water they utilize as compared to natives trees & crops.

The participants were addressed by RWA President Mr. Raman Chawla and GuruJal’s Program Manager Ms. Shubhi Kesarvani. A group of 6-7 children presented Nukkad Natak to sensitize the participants.


  • Avoiding the problem will not solve the problem
  • Portion of salary going for water won’t matter when there is no water
  • Circular economy: Give back what you take
  • What can residents can do at individual level
  • Ways to utilize RO’s discharged water & water dripping from ACs.

EXAMPLES QUOTED Chennai’s Water Crisis.

Dubai’s policy for water usage and wastage.
Day-zero in Cape Town, Africa.

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