Rain Water Harvesting System Model II Details

200 Sq. m Area at water logged of depth 2-3 feets.

Rs. 17000 including earth work, Labor, Material etc.

43.3 M

100 sq. feet(10*10, L*B)

3 Days

Rs. 1000(maximum, Once a year)

Cleaning of Pipe, Cleaning & replacing of Filter Gradient.

Percolation through Perforated pipe via different sized Filter gradients.

Permission for 15 feet Borewell for placing Perforated Pipe, Govt. only give Borewell permission for Rain water Harvesting units.

This Model is used as Roof top rain water harvesting system by allowing the Water of Roof to discharge into the Recharge Pit.

PVC/Cement Pipe (6 inch), Coarse aggregate (80mm, 40mm, 20mm), Sand, Cement Concrete, Brick Masonry etc.

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