Area: 1.2 acres

Year of completion: 2020

Village: Mojabad, Pataudi Block

Impact beneficiaries:  1300+

Groundwater level before rejuvenation:  35 mbgl.

Wastewater Treatment Technology:   Root Bed System


Impact – 

No of plants planted and species – 800 native flora species like the sacred fig, jatropha and neem trees.

To improve the percolation of water, the pond was dewatered and desilted. During desilting, 4 feet of the pond’s silt layer was removed from the bottom of the pond. This resulted in increasing the percolation rate. Over a period of 5 months, the entire water body was first dewatered of the polluted water, desilted to remove the deposited layers of polluted silt, with the simultaneous construction of a decentralised 100 KLD root bed system that was placed at the inlet to the pond. So that before the water reached the pond again, the wastewater would be treated through the decentralised treatment system. The root bed system is in a strategic position that allowed the water to flow through the treatment system with gravity, and therefore no auxiliary equipment such as pumps were required for the system to be operated.

After the project was completed, an Automatic Water Level Recorder that is based on a sensor system to measure the groundwater levels had been installed in the premises of the pond periphery. The AWLR has recorded since its installation on the 14th of February 2021, the water level has increased over 6 ft. or 2.5 metres in the driest seasons of February to June.

The pond will recharge 15,300 kilolitres of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 320 people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.


The plantation of almost 800 native flora species like the sacred fig, jatropha and neem trees have resulted in the return of various birds and butterflies (the common immigrant, plain tiger butterfly, common grass yellow and the lime butterfly), and created a naturally cooler micro-clip Khentawas (Completed)ate.

Apart from designing for the people, the focus was to create a sustainable built environment. This small but sufficient park is now a multifaceted and multifunctional space bringing the village together while improving the quality of living.

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