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Let’s be decisive on what is more important, it’s the time where we need to make a choice. Yes, we have to choose between momentary pleasures and our existence on this planet. It is ironic how we, the millennials, have not yet realized that the water predicament is bona fide. Yet we expect the drying water bodies to replenish naturally even after over extracting groundwater every day.

After such great evolutionary success, how can we be so unreasonable about the alarming state of water on a planet where survival is the easiest?

Our desirous lifestyle is making us pay a real price for it, however, its affordability cannot be overlooked any longer. The explosion of the world population has incredibly stressed the natural mechanism of water restoration curtailing its potential to ensure uninterrupted availability of freshwater sources.

How real is the problem?

‘According to hydrologists, if we do not work on the water consumption today then we may run out of fresh water in another 30 years’

We have a way with looking for alternatives. This is what we’ve been doing our entire lives, extracting resources and then finding alternatives and calling them great discoveries of mankind. But how does it affect us anyway? We need to accept the fact that loss of water is equal to loss of lives and therefore, it is the need of the hour to put a halt on seeking substitutions and begin emphasizing on water conservation right away.

According to a 2017 report by Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) of India, most of the blocks in Gurugram district are either over-exploited or critical in terms of groundwater.

Source: Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority

Another report of CGWB in 2012 made a menacing revelation that the stage of groundwater development potential in most of the blocks of Gurugram is above 200%. In other words, we will be able to tackle the water situation if we put in more than 200% efforts.


Here is the status of various blocks according to the 2012 CGWB report:


The Yamuna river which used to be the most prominent source of water in the NCR region is now diseased with foaming and filthy water. Shockingly this is still not a sight that has the potential enough to become an eye-opener and induce water consciousness amongst the people.

If we dig deep into the phrase ‘water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink’, we might become cognizant of the fact that the same population that has stressed on the aquifers is the biggest resource which in turn can be used to resurrect them. Believe us, the foundation of this entire water crisis is as small as the water droplet itself.

We need to demarcate between needs and wants. From gigantic water amusement parks to that little tiny aquarium in your home, all the water can always be repurposed.

Unfortunately, it seems like we are hoping for another great discovery of mankind that can replace water!
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