Area: 9.45 acres

Village: Kasan, Gurugram  Block

Impact beneficiaries:  15,000+

Wastewater Treatment Technology: Bio-filter System

Impact – 

This pond is situated in the catchment of Najafgarh jheel, Ground water level is high in this area when compared to other areas of Gurugram. This place has  unique biodiversity around the pond as it is in the foothills of Aravallis. This pond is filled with wastewater coming from the nearby households, making this place a dumpyard for wastewater. As a part of pond restoration and rejuvenation a wastewater treatment plant of Biofilter technology with capacity 250 KLD is installed at the inlet of the pond, so that only treated water is sent into the pond. This treatment technology performs with 90% efficiency. 

Apart from designing for the people, the focus was to create a sustainable built environment. This small but sufficient park is now a multifaceted and multifunctional space bringing the village together while improving the quality of living.

The pond will recharge 37,066 kilolitres of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 1450 +  people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.

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