Total Area:  2.3 acres

Pond Area:  1.64 acres

Depth: 2.5 metres

Year of completion: 2020

Village:  Iqbalpur, Farrukhnagar, Gurugram 

Impact beneficiaries:  2000+

Funding Agency:  D.Plan, Crowd Funding

BOD before:  Less than 10 mg/l

Groundwater level before rejuvenation:  4 mbgl

Wastewater Treatment Technology:  Nil

BOD after:  Less than 10 mg/l

Groundwater level after rejuvenation:  4 mbgl


Impact – 

No of plants planted and species – neem, badh, banyan etc.

Pond in Iqbalpur village is located in the outskirts of the village. It is a freshwater pond which is completely filled with water hyacinth and silt is deposited in the pond bed. In restoration and rejuvenation of the pond, dewatering, desilting and water hyacinth has been removed from the pond. After that landscaping has been done with the help of MGNREGA labour and community support. This pond never gets dry even in the summer season due to proximity to the fresh water canal. Also, many species of fauna are attracted to the pond due to proximity to the Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

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