Connect the Drops|

GuruJal team organised a workshop on the topic Composting about how to turn Waste into a Resourcewith women of Self Help Groups in Hariahera, Tajnagar and Palasoli village of Gurugram district- supported by Hyundai Motor India Foundation. Composting is the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, into a valuable fertilizer that can enrich soil and plants. The workshop was facilitated by Seema Jaswal – Community Development Specialist. 210+ women actively participated throughout the workshops in all three villages and pledged to convert their household waste into the compost.

The main points of this workshop are as follows.

  • How to segregate the waste into wet garbage and dry garbage
  • Management of waste at the domestic level
  • Composting
  • Connect the composting with livelihood for SHGs

Seema Jaswal

For over three decades Seema Jaswal has been training various stakeholders including women, school teachers, school and college students, adolescent boys and girls in life skills, health and hygiene, gender disparities and environment. She is a community development specialist and has been associated with many reputed national and international organisations across the country. Under Sudhara Project, she as a senior community consultant, has recently organised women to form Self  Help Group who have set up their enterprise in composting and waste management in North East Delhi preventing the domestic and temple waste from entering the landfill. Her strength lies in creating and using innovative, low cost and easily accessible training materials suited to the culture of the intervention area.

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