Area: 1.46 Acres

Year of completion: 2021

Village: Daula, Sohna Block

Impact beneficiaries:  5000+

Groundwater level before rejuvenation40 mbgl.

Wastewater Treatment Technology: Root Zone System

Impact – 

No. of plants planted and species – 90  native flora species like the seesam, kadam  and neem trees.

Pond in daula was a dry pond since 20 years which has been ultimately converted into a playground for children of the village, Under the process of Restoration and Restoration of the ponds we found that there is a need for its restoration , taking the thought of improving the ground water levels of the area and strengthening a decentralised wastewater treatment system, a Wastewater treatment plant of Root zone technology with 200 KLD capacity was installed at the site. This process was completed in a span of 13 months starting from dewatering the pond to desilting along with embankment making followed by Commissioning of WWTP and Landscaping of the Pond. The root bed system is in a strategic position that allowed the water to flow through the treatment system with gravity, and therefore no auxiliary equipment such as pumps were required for the system to be operated.

The pond will recharge 6,94,87,860 Litres of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 7100 +  people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.

Apart from designing for the people, the focus was to create a sustainable built environment. This small but sufficient park is now a multifaceted and multifunctional space bringing the village together while improving the quality of living.

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