Area: 1.10  acres

Depth:  5 metres

Year of completion: 2022

Villages: Chandla Dungerwas, Pataudi Block

Impact beneficiaries:  2,000+

CSR funding Agency: Power Grid Corporation of India

Wastewater Treatment Technology: Root Zone System

Impact – 

This Pond has its own uniqueness in terms of its rich biodiversity, nevertheless being next to shani mandir this pond is being continuously dumped by wastewater from approximately 700 people in the nearby vicinity. There is a strong sense of prioritising the pond restoration by noticing this issue and for the same Powergrid came forward to support and restore the pond and for the same this project was started in 2021. The entire water body will  first be  dewatered of the polluted water, desilted to remove the deposited layers of polluted silt, with the simultaneous construction of a decentralised 150 KLD Root Zone System that will be  placed at the inlet to the pond. So that before the water reached the pond again, the wastewater would be treated through the decentralised treatment system. In parallel to this community mobilisation activities are also on an active pace in Chandla 

Apart from this the pond will pave a way for a recreational area for the community with the added element of Landscaping and kids play area. Waste elements will be  used for the landscaping like waste stone and bricks for the filling inside the entrance gate frame, and seatings etc and many more. 

The pond will recharge 4,11,52,500 litres  of freshwater per year, which is sufficient for 2050 +  people for 365 days apart for many other co-benefits.

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